TERRIER is jointly produced by the German Krauss-Maffai Wegman company and Iveco, from Italy, which supplies the chassis and engine. The vehicle has a large open space cabin, fitted with two side doors and a large read door for rapid dismount. Terrier is capable of comfortably accommodating 6-8 fully equipped troops. The Terrier can be used as a troop carrier, command and tactical logistic vehicle, for patrol, escort, reconnaissance and logistical support missions. The vehicle is constructed with a bullet proof (7.62×51 cal) and fragment proof protected cage, and is fitted with a floor which defeats AP mines (including the DM31 bouncing mine). Critical components such as the fuel tank and batteries are well protected. The vehicle can be equipped with a roof mounted firing hatch, where a machine gun can be mounted for self-defense. Three firing ports are also installed on each side, with additional ports at the front and rear. Fire extinguishing system is also provided for the engine and tires.

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