Vertical Launch Autonomous Attack System (VLAAS) developed by LM for the US Navy can provide naval ships with surf zone bombardment during operations in littoral regions. Navies currently possess limited stand-off capabilities to defend against fast patrol boats and to deliver time-critical, precision-strike ashore. VLAAS would perform both missions. The new weapon would give ship commanders an urgent-attack capability and establish an umbrella of loitering munitions to protect ships when threatened by fast-attack patrol boats. The vertical launch payload delivery system will launch the missile in any direction, without the ship maneuvering to provide 360-degree engagement radius. The system will use the vertical launch ASROC rocket motor and guidance system to boost LOCAAS into a ballistic flight, extending the range of the onboard munitions for surface attack and ship protection. With its guidance system and maneuverability, LOCAAS munitions would select high-value targets to attack. LOCAAS can fly a distance of 100nm, or loiter over a 25-nm flight pattern at a speed of 215 knots.

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