Starstreak (Produced by Thales air defense) is a laser guided system, deployed from armored vehicles and other light vehicles, helicopters or by dismounted infantrymen. The system can also be dismounted and deploy on a tripod. The range of the HVM is expected to be 6,000 m’. The missile was recently exported to South Africa, to provide a fully integrated manportable and air droppable air defence capability for South African troops deployed on peace-keeping operations. The missiles are supported by the Page radar systems also supplied by Thales. Thales has also supplied the Starstreak High Velocity Missile (HVM) to the British Army for low level air defence operations. The British system is deployed on the Alvis Stormer armored vehicle, augmented by the ADAD, it has eight ready to fire missiles and twelve reloads. The system automatically generates laser guidance commands for the three hypersonic darts projected at the target. The Armored Starstreak (SP-HVM) is operational with the British Army since 1999.

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