Stunstrike is currently in development, and is expected to be ready for fielding by early 2006. StunStrike is based on an artificial lightning technology. Three products are currently under various phases of development – a Briefcase-sized unit, Close Quarters (CQ) Rifle and Short Range Perimeter system. The Briefcase unit is already operational. It is operating at a range of about 2 feet (0.7 meter) used for corridor/doorway security. The unit can be mounted on the ceiling or above a door, activated by remote control or movement detection. The CQ Rifle’s functional core was already demonstrated . It is designed to be effective at ranges of 10 – 12 feet (up to 4 meters). The SR unit is a perimeter security system with a range of up to 25 feet (8 meters), designed to defend things like embassies, etc.

The Stunstrike system is  programmable, therefore, when fielded, the system could be tuned to ensure maximum safety or rapid response, as required.

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