RAM 2000 Armored Mine Protected Vehicle


IAI/Ramta has recently completed the development of its advanced version of the RAM armored vehicle, designated RAM 2000. The vehicle is an armored car, protected from 7.62 fire. The fighting compartment of the latest version was extended by 25cm, but retained the protection and mine protection capability which were also available in the original design. Other new features are improved accessibility for maintenance and repair, and improved ergonomics. The new model is equipped with a turbo-charged 166 hp diesel and improved automotive system, which offers better mobility, including ground clearance of 53cm, side slope of 30%, crossing of a 0.8m’ vertical obstacle, (fording of 1 m’ deep water obstacle) and 60% gradient. The RAM 2000 weighs 4.6 tons unloaded, and can carry a payload of 1.2 tons. Ramta offers 12 different models of the vehicle, tailored to the customer’s requirements. In LIC 2004 the company demonstrated a reconnaissance vehicle, equipped with remotely controlled POP 200 optronic payload which can be operated from he vehicle, or transmit images back to the control station.

March 2012 update: RAM MkIII Armored Vehicle: Rough and Tough