DB110 Aerial Reconnaissance Pod


The Goodrich’s DB-110 reconnaissance pod is a digital, real-time, tactical reconnaissance system designed to capture images in day or night, using electro-optical sensor technology. The pod can transmit Images via datalink to the ground in real time. The system is produced Goodrich’s Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems (SRS) team based in Chelmsford, Mass. The data link ground stations are designed and built by a Goodrich facility in Malvern, U.K. for the Poland Peace Sky Program.

The DB-110 is a long-range oblique sensor to provide long-range, medium range and short-range imaging systems to support standoff and penetrating missions. It can be operated autonomously, by the pod’s reconnaissance management system. Imagery is viewed on the F-16’s cockpit video display, enabling the pilot to verify targets and conduct tasks such as battle damage assessment. This system allows the pilot increased flexibility over current fielded systems.

The DB-110/RAPTOR (Reconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado) delivers high definition imagery in the visible and infrared bands at extremely long ranges. Its offers broad area coverage, spot and stereo coverage. The systems use an 11″ aperture telescope with adjustable focal length of 110″ in the visible range and 55″ in the IR range. The EO assembly is mounted on a two-axis stabilized maintaining 180° field of regard across, and ± 20° along the line of flight. The system has two-axis line of sight stabilization, and is compensated for ground speed range of 0.1 to 1.6 Mach, at altitude above 10,000 feet. It provides variable overlap capability, from 10 to 100% and panoramic scanning (4° to 28°).

September 2006: Poland will soon receive the first of seven DB-110 airborne reconnaissance pods to equip its newly procured F-16C/Ds (Peace Sky). DB-110 (known as Raptor) is built by Goodrich and is operational with the U.K. Royal Air Force Tornados, used during Operation Iraqi Freedom It is also in operation on the OP-3C aircraft flown by the Japanese Maritime Staff Office.