PR 4G Combat Net Radio & IP Networking Capability


The CIP program, part of the British MOD BOWMAN program, encompass three interrelated projects – the development of common ComBAT software tools designed to enhance situational awareness at all levels and aid the planning and control of operations. The £330M tri-year development program be supplied to approximately 13,000 computers. CIP Infrastructure will further interface with over 2,000 terminals integrated into armored fighting vehicles, creating battlefield information software applications (BISAs). When fully implemented, P-BISA will be fitted to over 1,000 vehicles.

The initial CBM(L) capability will be introduced with BOWMAN to provide a core battle management system. It will enable the battlefield information systems being developed for armored fighting vehicles, artillery fire control, ground based air defense, to exploit BOWMAN’s data messaging capability concurrently, and insure effective interoperability issues with our allies.