This trend has been implemented with infantry combat systems. Various soldier’s integrated systems are under development by Elbit Systems and ITL. Among such systems, on display at LIC-2005 are the AISS integrated combat system developed by ITL, the MPRS integrated, small-arms fire control sight system, and multi-purpose weapon system (Refaim MPRS) developed by IMI. This system has gone through extensive development and testing in the recent year, with three types of ammunition – enhanced direct attack weapon, utilizing proximity fused fragmentation grenade, a non-lethal grenade, and an observation grenade, which can be fired over the target area and transmit real-time images throughout its flight. A different system, developed by RAFAEL is the Firefly, a 145 gr. grenade designed to be launched from 40mm launchers (such as the M-203). The projectile is equipped with two CCD cameras. The video stream is transmitted in real-time to the operator in the field, viewed and recorded on a PocketPC or PDA console.

Future tactical observation systems pursued by the IDF will utilize the new miniature D-STAMP day and night payloads under development by Controp, as part of IDF/MOD development program. The fully stabilized payload weighs only 650 gr. D-STAMP is deployed with the Elbit System’s Skylark miniature UAV and is setting the baseline for future MAVs platforms considered by the IDF.

PNR-500 (Personal Net Radio) developed by Tadiran Communications is a UHF personal communicator designed specifically for intra-squad and combat team communications. The system can accommodate an internal or external GPS and links to peripheral devices over a distance of 10 – 100 meters, via wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Such devices include rugged PDA, headsets, video cameras, sensors and displays etc. IAI/MLM is offering a simpler communications device called “Personal Location Unit” – a lightweight (350gr.) device, programmed to transmit five structured messages, ‘panic’ button transmitting high-priority emergency message, the device has built in GPS location and two-way modem supporting C4I and live training exercises.

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