Up-Armored Humvee – Protection Kit


The armor kits for Humvees produced by Zeroline are compatible with both M1114 and M1116 versions. The Zeroline suit protects the passenger compartment with an armored cage mounted on an integral titanium frame that also provides roll over protection. The kit is designed to meet STANAG Level 2 threats, as well as enhanced penetration ammunition, such as APM2 and B32 cartridges fired from high power SVD rifles.

The engine compartment is also protected, retaining mobility under attack. The kit also includes mine protection (5kg contact detonation under each wheel). The complete 11 part kit weighs 1,907kg. The armor is based on SiTx-OP composites, combining glass plate with a mosaic of ceramic face tiles, mounted on aramid woven fabric spall liner. This composition is designed to defeat multiple hits of standard and enhanced penetration rounds as well as fragmentation and high explosive charges.

The kit also includes a two piece, 53mm thick armored windshield and side windows. The aerial density of the transparent armor is 140Kg/m2 – three times higher than opaque armor. It is composed of two types of glasses – the outer surface is super hardened, designed to break hardened steel core penetrators. The inner glass layer uses high strength glass, optimized for absorbing the kinetic energy of the residual fragments. The floor is fitted with an external blast attenuation layer, constructed from TABRE composites. This material is also applied to the wheel arches and the base of the passenger compartment, to minimize the explosion effect of land mines. Similar measures were also installed on Land Rover Defender.

In order to sustain the additional load, the vehicle is refitted with heavy duty springs, adjustable heavy duty coil over shock absorbers, new anti-roll bars and composite brake pads. The vehicle is also fitted with fire resistant fuel tank and run flat tires.