HMMWV Armor Kit from Battelle


Battelle – Equipment Development and Mechanical Systems Group

Customized, Light Weight Armor Kit was developed by Battelle for the Humvee. The protection kit weighs around 750 pounds, and therefore lessen the strain on a vehicle’s suspension system and transmission which is typically associated with heavier armor. The new kit comprises standard bolt-on panels to protect critical areas as well as armor-hardened replacement parts — such as Materials used include add-on bolt-on steel plates and hardened replacement doors, seats, windshields, and replacement titanium skid plates — that reduce the additional weight. The basic kits is adapted for multiple HMMWV models as well as trucks, and small watercraft. The components can be easily installed, removed and folded, allowing for easy transport and rapid response to changing requirements. Battelle already fielded 75 kits with US Special Operations Forces and more than 400 kits are on order.