RITA Valo – developed and produced by Thales Communications, is the French Army tactical communications system, The Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) based network provides voice and data communications between theater deployed headquarters supported terrestrial, satellite and wireless communications, both military, civil networks.

The infrastructure supports high security (SD/SO) call and data routing, stationary and mobile subscribers and interfaces with external networks (military, civil and allies). RITA Valo will also support interconnectivity withexisting RITA (1G) and PR4G combat net radios.

The ATM based infrastructure supports phone, fax, data, image and video transfer at high speed communications. The system’s basic capacity supports up to 7,000 subscribers and 2,500 mobile subscribers. Command post access via ISDN, BIS and PRI are provided. The system’s modules are designed for air transportation, and deployment with light trucks (2 or 4 ton or VAB APCs).

The system consists of the ATS 2000/CMX tactical ATM switches, and TRC 7450 routers, Farmhouse 2000 multi-media switches, supporting LAN and headquarters, PR4G VHF/FM CNRs, and mobile technical support shelters (S/ATM).

RITA Valo is developed under cooperation between France and Belgium. Both countries selected the system to equip their armies. Up to 200 systems are planned for production.