DualHead2Go, a multi-display device developed and produced by Matrox, connects to the monitor connector of a computer and adds support for an extra monitor. The operating system treats DualHead2Go device like a monitor, thus supporting resolutions twice as wide as standard resolutions.

This multi-display solution uses a computer’s existing graphics hardware and software for 2D, 3D, and video acceleration. By helping to manage more information, Matrox multi-display technology can improve productivity and reduce errors.

DualHead2Go uses Matrox patent-pending technology to divide the monitor output from the computer into 2 separate displays, one showing the left half of this “monitor” and the other showing the right half.

As an external add-on, the new device is suitable for enhancing closed, already validated, mission-critical system or to computers with no available expansion slots, including laptops, ultra-small form factor PCs, thin clients, and embedded systems. Unlike installing a new graphics card, the DualHead2Go setup doesn’t require opening a computer, inserting parts into it, or replacing any hardware or software.

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