Multi-purpose Optical Stabilized Payload MOSP was one of the first integrated multi-sensor payloads developed specifically for UAV applications. Unlike the specialized payloads of its time, MOSP was designed as a common system, with all sensors, optics and associated electronics packed on a stabilized platform in a compact 14″ ball, which could be fitted on many UAVs. Over 500 units are currently operational with various UAVs including Hunter, Searcher, Heron, Ranger, FireScout, Hermes 450.

MOSP was developed at IAI/TAMAM in response to Israel Defense Force (IDF) requirements. Further modifications of MOSP and adaptation to US requirements were pursued under US/Israeli collaborative program, in support of Pioneer and the Hunter programs. Additional development of the system was carried out under IIA/Northrop Grumman cooperation, under the brand “Raven Eye“.

MOSP is provided with a choice of sensors, including 2nd or 3rd Generation FLIR, color CCD with high power telephoto zoom lens, laser rangefinder/designator etc. The payload can be fitted with dual-channel video link which enable simultaneous transmission of both FLIR and CCD images via datalink. Other software features include automatic target tracker, which can pick up a targets sized 3 pixels or more, even at low contrast level of 8%. The payload can be slaved to the UAV navigation system, flight control computer or to external sensors, such as SIGINT or SAR.

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