MX-Series EOIR Payloads


L3 Wescam’s MX series include several sizes of advanced multi-sensor payloads for use on aircraft, helicopters and unmanned vehicles. MX-12 is relatively lightweight, weighing less than 55 pound (25 kg). MX-12 packs up to five sensors, and has an integral inertial measurement unit (Fiber-Optical Gyro IMU) mounted on the inner gimbal, with payload, to enable active control of the entire bench. The system provides accurate and flexible viewing and target tracking capabilities and geo-location capabilities. MX-GEO features are supported by the series’ IMU equipped payloads, including smooth, hands free target tracking (eliminating over-steering), ability to lock all sensors on a precise geographic coordinate, and aiming the Line Of Sight at that fixed point regardless of aircraft movement or obscurations. The system also supports geo-focus, setting the focus on new scenes with a flick of a switch. The system will maintain steady focus and automatically refocus the subject while flying above broken cloud cover.

MX-15D is a growth version of MX-12. It is designed with more powerful optics and stabilization to achieve high accuracy geolocation and high stabilization. MX-15D supports up to 6 sensors including color daylight zoom camera, mono daylight camera with spotter lens, and high near IR sensitivity for optimal haze penetration. The optional eyesafe laser operates in wavelength that provides maximum performance in adverse weather conditions.