AM General (USA) / Plasan Sasa (Israel)

The new armor protection suit, designed by Plasan Sasa for the Greek up-armored Humvee (Hummer) provides level II protection armor, including mine protection (up to 3.5kg explosives under any wheel.) The new suit retains the Humvee’s tactical agility and cross country mobility, enabling the vehicle to carry 1.3 tons of payload in addition to the crew and their gear. The vehicle is fitted with multiple access doors and sufficient open space to enable maximum utilization of available and protected space. It is also fitted with a new low profile hatch attached to the a standard machine gun ring mount.

A new model of a protected hummer, designed for six passengers is currently under development at Plasan. This version is designed to respond an IDF requirement and will be equipped with a 1.326 ton armor suite. It will be higher than current Humvees, and will be installed with a semi-protected firing position which could be substituted with a remotely controlled weapon station. The total weight of the vehicle will be 5,496 kg, (permissible weight for the vehicle is 5.5 tons).

The current IDF protected hummers, which were also produced by Plasan, weigh 5.216 tons. Due to budgetary constraints, the IDF is currently procuring these protected Hummers from O’Gara Inc., in the USA.

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