Panzerfaust 3 / 3T / IT600/ (Dynamit Nobel)
The Panzerfaust reusable rocket firing device system which can be fitted with different types of rockets designed for specific requirements. The firing device weighs only 2.3 kg while the weight of the complete system, ready to fire is 12.9kg. The High Performance multi-purpose Panzerfaust 3 uses a 110mm shaped charge warhead. The rocket can be launched from confined enclosures by recoilless countermass principle. The warhead uses an extendable warhead spike which provides optimum standoff for the shaped charge, which penetrates over 800 mm of steel. Panzerfaust 3-T uses a modified spike, which adds 400 gram to the system’s weight. The spike is fitted with a 0.1kg precursor charge which penetrates the add-on reactive armor (ERA) and clears the area for the main charge. A further improved tandem warhead is also offered with the Panzerfaust 3IT version, which can penetrate up to 900mm of steel, behind the protection of ERA. When the spike is retracted, the rocket is optimized to defeat light armor, bunkers and brick walls and reinforced concrete, from ranges of 15 – 400 meters. With the addition of DynaRange sight, the weapon can be used at range up to 600 meters. This version is designated Pzf3 IT600. (Total weight 14.3 kg).

Panzerfaust 90 (Dynamit Nobel)
This weapon offers more modest capabilities at much smaller dimensions. With a total system weight of 8.9 kg, it is equipped with a 90mm rocket which can be fired from confined spaces and penetrate over 500 mm of steel at a range up to 500 meters.
Utilizing a different rocket, the Panzerfaust 3LWD is designed to provide similar capabilities at a lower weight (8.5kg ready to fire). Utilizing a 90mm rocket, the LWD uses a shaped charge anti-tank rocket or High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) to defeat armored or built up targets.

RGW-60 (Dynamit Nobel)
RGW60 uses the same firing mechanism, but weighs only 5.8 kg. This 60mm weapon can also be used from confined spaces deploying one of three warhead variants – an anti-tank HEAT rocket is fitted with a shape charge which penetrates over 300mm of steel, a multi-purpose HEAT warhead which penetrates over 100mm of steel and has 270 preformed fragments or a High Explosive Squash Head (HESH), fitted with 0.5 kg of explosive and delay fuse, designed to open a 400mm hole in masonry (bricks or concrete). A unique “round the corner” firing capability is currently developed for this system by CornerShot. The CornerShot Panzerfaust (CSP) system uses a portable, collapsible monopod and sighting system which enables the user to employ the weapon at up to 90 degree angle from around a corner or out of a shelter or barricade, remaining behind cover while effectively observing and engaging the target.

The MPM 90 CS Shoulder Launched Multi-Purpose Munition was developed at RAFAEL to address combat requirements for the modern urban warrior. Based on the Panzerfaust reusable launcher, the MPM 90CS is effective against light armored vehicles, bunkers, brick walls and fortified concrete bunkers. The weapon is contained in a 1 meter long canister weighing 9 kg. Depending on application and munition selection, its weight can increase up to 13kg. The effective range is 500 meters. The weapon fires a 90 mm rocket It is designed to Fire From Enclosures (FFE).\

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