Falcon Watch – Unattended Ground Sensor System


Falcon Watch, Remote Intrusion Detection and Surveillance System developed by Harris. The system is based on the RF-5400 Sensor System, offering a light, rapidly deployed sensor network for perimeter protection, force protection and surveillance. Similar to REMBASS II, the system comprises a range of sensors, including seismic probes, magnetic detectors and passive infrared (PIR) detectors.

The Falcon Watch Miniature Sensor is a single detector device that accepts input from one detector. It is a very small unit that is easily carried and used for a rapidly established, temporary application. The Falcon Watch Multiple Sensor accepts multiple detector inputs operating independently or in combination. It has expanded battery capacity and is designed to be fielded for an extended period of time.

Multiple sensors are used to detect, compare, filter and classify potential targets at ranges from 8 to 160 meters (depending on sensor type and target size). Individual sensors are linked via encrypted, low-power wireless communications to the RF-5404 intelligent gateway, and RF-5400 sensor and relay node. When valid intrusions or targets are confirmed, the RF-5400 sends an alert directly to a handheld or manpack radio, such as the Harris RF-5800 series, triggering an audible alarm. Imaging sensors (uncooled thermal or color CCD) can also be integrated to provide situational pictures.

Images and sensor feeds are plotted on a laptop, on a digital map display, utilizing GPS location coordinates received from each sensor. Processing the sensors data enables notification of intrusion and accurate classification of targets. Future enhancements of the system will include Chemical Biological radiological Nuclear (CBRN) detectors. The system can be employed with a single sensor node, or expand to cover larger areas with additional relay nodes. RF-5400 can operate in the field on a single battery for long periods, from 1 month to a four, depending on the frequency of alerts and type of batteries used.

In June 2006 Harris announced the expansion of the Falcon Watch system with the addition of Telonics sensors, including the Eagle Intrusion Detection System (EIDS) Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS). EIDS will be incorporated into the Falcon Watch Falcon II Sensor/Relay for international use, while the EIDS sensor products will be integrated into the Falcon Watch product line for U.S. government use.

In December 2005 Harris was awarded a US$1.9 million contract to supply Silent Watch to the US Central Command (USCENTCOM) as part of the Persistent Surveillance Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) Program. Silent Watch was developed specifically for the USCENTCOM UGS program and is an outgrowth of the Falcon Watch sensor suite. Silent Watch utilizes the Falcon Watch RF-5405 Intelligent Gateway, a communications node which receives alarms from multiple sensors and fuses the data into actionable reports for satellite-based relay to command centers. The new family of sensors is expected to have operational lifespan beyond of 90 to 180 days. The UGS systems will be used to monitor borders and perimeters in USCENTCOM’s Areas of Responsibility (AOR), stretching from the Horn of Africa to Central Asia.