Lockheed Martin is developing a network of ground sensor that will provide real time intelligence collection, detection and identification of an array of threats. The modular Surveillance Collection Observation Unit (SCOUT) system will include air- and hand placed sensors, integrating an all-weather capable sensor set.

Comprised of acoustic, seismic and visual sensors, SCOUT’s sensors will feed their signals to an integral processor, reducing false alarms by signal fusion. The sensors will be able to analyze and classify a threat by acoustic and seismic signature, a 360-degree EO/IR camera will validate and provide positive visual identification. Each sensor will be equipped with a cognitive non line of sight data link employing anti-jam techniques. The data link ensures clear two-way communications between each sensor unit and a designated ground station up to 20 km.

The sensor unit could be interrogated via datalink immediately upon a detection of a potential threat to verify the situation and determine the direction of movement. Another member of the SCOUT family will be the UAV deployed Air Deployable Expendable Sensory System (AD/EXSEN). To enable operations over extended range, this sensor will have a communications relay data link, eliminating the requirement for satellite communications. These sensors will be distributed in clusters of small sensor systems (acoustic, seismic, electro-optical, infrared, nuclear, biological and chemical etc.) deployed in a single deliverable package, providing the military with real time advanced battlefield threat warnings.

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