Remote Ground Emplaced / Air Delivered Unattended Ground Sensor
Manufacturer: Textron Systems

Advanced, air deliverable Unattended ground Sensors are currently developed by Textron Systems for a joint US Air Force and Marine Corps program. Such sensors will be valuable in the shortening of the kill chain to defeat time-critical targets. Designated Advanced Remote Ground Unattended Sensor (ARGUS) / Advanced Air Delivered Sensor (AADS), these sensors will provide deep-look ground surveillance capability that could be integrated into the overall Battle Management Command and Control architecture.

ARGUS/AADS provides unattended “on the ground” sensing capability detecting, identifying and reporting on enemy activity within designated areas deep in enemy territory, in Near-Real-Time (NRT). The ARGUS program is sponsored by the USAF Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Program Office, Hanscom AFB while the USMC sponsors AADS. Textron Systems is the team leader of this demonstration program, along with teaming partners Northrop Grumman. The system will comprise air-deployed and hand-emplaced sensors. The air delivered unit will be ejected from the aircraft, with fins deployed to stabilize the sensor in flight. Upon impact with the ground, these fins also act as brakes, leaving only the sensor above ground. Once positioned, the sensor is ready to detect, classify, and track targets using its acoustic and seismic sensors.

Each sensor unit will be equipped with a sensor suite, software applications to manage the sensors, sensor signal processor, two-way satellite communications transceiver, storage device, Global Positioning System (GPS) and battery power supply. The sensors are utilizing satellite communications communicating between the deployed sensor and the data processing center. ARGUS/AADS will be able to cross-cue other Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets while activity occurs, allows theater commanders to recognize the threat and direct forces to intervene.