AN/PRC-150(C) HF Manpack Radio


Harris AN/PRC-150(C) HF manpack radio provides secure, long-range voice and data. It also supports secure Type-1 interoperability with the Marine Corps’ AN/PRC-117F(C) multi-band multi-mission radios (MBMMR). It uses embedded information-security features to enable secure, ground-to- ground and ground-to-air communications in all HF modes and in fixed-frequency modes with SINCGARS radios. The system dual mode system covers the full HF band and part of the VHF band, from 1.6 to 60 MHz. The AN/VRC-104(V)3 vehicular product is a fully integrated communications system that includes the Harris AN/PRC-150(C) tactical radio and 150 watt high-frequency power amplifier.

On 17 August 2006 the US Marine Corps awarded Harris a $35 contract to replace their legacy MRC-138s and GRC-193s high-frequency tactical radio systems with new AN/PRC-150(C) manpack and AN/VRC-104(V)3 vehicular systems to be supplied by Harris, under a $35 million contract. The new sets will modernize Marine Corps active duty and reserve components.