RobuROC was developed as part of the DGA robotics program. Two versions of RobuROC robots are also available, in 4×4 and 6×6 configurations. RobuROC 4 is an outdoor mobile platform weighing 140 kg. It is equipped with four independently driven wheels, powered by four DC motors. The six-wheeled RobuROC 6 weighs around 130kg. Both vehicles carry a payload of about 100kg.

The platform is comprised of three two wheel pods, enabling rapid movements (up to 3 – 5.5 m/sec). Each pod is capable of withstanding tilt and roll of +/- 30 degrees without overturning. It also enables the vehicle to move across obstacles such as steps, debris or gaps larger than the wheel diameter. Another advantage of this design is the high stability the vehicle keeps when moving in harsh terrain – when one the front element of the robot goes up, the rocker system automatically reduces the height of the rear element, thus reducing the load on each wheel and maintaining a low center of gravity.

RobuROC is powered by three Li-ION battery packs. It is controlled by a cb555 (Motorola SMPC 555) controller, running embedded emPC555 Linux PC and iCORE technology.

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