Developed under a joint venture between MBDA and Rheinmetal Defense Electronics (RDE) Multi-Purpose Combat Vehicle (MPVC) addresses emerging European requirements for highly mobile weapon system, which can be adapted for different missions, especially air defense and anti-armor or anti-bunker missions. The MPVC demonstrator shown at Eurosatory was mounted on a Panhard General Defense VBR 4×4 light armored vehicle. The system utilizes an automated turret mounting the missiles and machine gun used for self defense and a fire control system with an electro-optical sensor suit. The turret uses a stabilized EOSS day/thermal sensor suite integrated with laser rangefinder, developed by RDE. The turret can mount Mistral missiles for the air defense role and Milan guided missiles, for the anti-tank /anti-bunker missions. MPVC can operate autonomously; acquiring targets at ranges up to 10km, or operate in a networked environment, sharing target data and situational picture with other combat elements.

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