Flyer Defense ITV-1 all terrain vehicle has been deployed with the US Special Forces and the Singapore Army. The vehicle which is currently under production in Singapore, (known there as LCV) is designed to provide high tactical mobility for light forces. The ITV-1 weighs only 1,700 kg and can carry up to two tons of loads, (including five to seven fully equipped troops and over one ton of extra load, which can also comprise of a protection suite).

The vehicle offers excellent mobility and high flexibility in modeling, to suite customer requirements. The lightweight platform can be lifted internally in a C-130 or V-22 or sling loaded under a heavy lift helicopter. Two ITVs can be stacked together in an airlift, a load configuration which can be utilized for rapid deployment of Special Forces. The company is currently developing a similar vehicle for the Marine Corps Internally Loaded Vehicle program. The Flyer ITV may also be configured with add-on armor and still be internally transported in the new Special Operations aircraft, the V-22 Osprey.

In May 2006 Ceradyne and Flyer Defense announced the cooperation and teaming for the development of an armored cab for the ITV made of FlexKit ceramic armor system. Ceradyne is displaying the kit at the Special Operations Command Exhibition next month in Tampa, Florida.

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