Monolit B – Coastal Defense Missile System


Typhoon JSC displayed the Monolit B coastal surface and air surveillance system, which is designed to support coastal defense batteries that fire Club M and Uran (SS-NX-27) missiles. Monolit B utilizes a ground based or aerial radar to detect and acquire targets. The system can also operate in quiet mode, employing two radars operating in receive-only mode, to “fix” target location by triangulation.

The system can detect up to 50 targets over the horizon at ranges of up to 250 km in passive mode, and up to 450 km in active mode. It can designate up to 10 targets simultaneously. In active mode the system can simultaneously handle up to 30 targets.

In passive mode the system can detect as many as 50 targets ‘over the horizon’ at ranges up to 250km and handle up to 10 targets simultaneously. In active mode detection range can be up to 450km and as many as 30 targets can be handled simultaneously.

This capability is especially useful with the Uran/Club M, which is a family of relatively inexpensive fire and forget cruise missiles that are usually fired in salvos. During the targeting phase the target’s parameters (type, location, etc) are processed by the fire control system and fed to the missile, which is then launched toward the target. Each missile follows a different course to reach a position where the target can be acquired by its on-board sensor. This allows multiple missiles to execute a “ripple attack” from different directions.

The Uran missile is a relatively small sub-sonic sea-skimmer, which can engage targets at ranges of up to 250 km. The Monolit / Uran/Club M system uses common transporters, launcher vehicles, communications and C3 systems to accommodate three different missiles – the 3M-54E anti-ship missile, with supersonic terminal stage, 3M-54E1 anti-ship subsonic missile, or the 3M-14E land attack missile. The range of Club M is specified as up to 275 km although it is believed to be extendable by making a tradeoff between warhead weight and fuel capacity. Another Monolit compatible system is the 130mm Bereg E coastal artillery system, which is also called Titan. Bereg E consists of self-propelled guns with a range of 20 – 23 km (depending on type of gun and ammunition). Bereg E can engage multiple targets with a hit probability of 80% and can eliminate typical targets at sea within 1 – 2 minutes.