Polyana D4M1 C4 system


The Polyana Air Defense Automated Command and Control Post, developed and produced by the Russian company Radiozavod, is a system for controlling operations at the air defense brigade level. It is designed to provide Automated Command and Control Processing (ACCP) in support of mission planning and operational control in a single air defense zone. The system gathers target data, creates situational pictures and feeds combat control information and commands in standardized format to associated elements and firing units. Polyana can track up to 500 objects simultaneously, displaying 255 at any given time (120 airplanes/helicopters and 20 ballistic missiles). Automatic real time processing creates the situational display based on inputs as many as 14 separate sources. Connections are available for 3 radars, 6 control units (battery CPs of Air Defense Missile Systems), four cooperating CPs and 1 superior CP. The system is operated from 12 Autonomous, Automated Work Stations (AAWS), which are designed to handle six simultaneous targets and up to 200 tracks each. The Polyana system itself is ordinarily made up of 2 transport vehicles, 2 trailers and 2 mobile power-generating plants.