Case Telescopic Automatic Canon


The electrically powered Case Telescopic Automatic Canon operates in a unique fashion packing maximum energy in a small space. With a length of 3.428 meter, the 40mmx255 caliber gun fires specially designed cartridges in a unique “Push Through” concept which extracts the projectile from the case into the chamber just before firing. The APFSDS-T cartridge can perforate 1500mm of steel at a range of 1,500m. Its muzzle velocity is 1,500m/s. The HE fragmentation (GPR-T) cartridge weighs 1 kg (of which 120gr are HE charge); it can be set to use either point detonation or time fuse for airburst effect.

CTWS technologies could be utilized in the British FRES and French Amry EBRC future combat system programs.