Fast Patrol Boats from Israel

Shaldag Mk II Fast Patrol Boat

Two designs are offered by Israel Shipyards and IAI/Ramta. Both are under production for the Israel Navy, as part of the coast guard modernization program. Super Dvora Mk III, developed by Israel Aircraft Industries’ RAMTA division is a stretched version of the Super Dvora Mk II design. The 26 m’ boat has a displacement of 70 tons and is capable of operations at extended range and durations (96 hours), 700 – 1,000 nm range depending on mission profile. The boat is offered with two diesel engine types – developing 1,120 kW or 1,680 kW, each powering the articulating ASD system. Super Dvora can develop top speed in excess of 43 knots at full displacement. At a normal load, the boat has a draft of 0.9 m, and displacement of 53 tons.

Super Dvora Mk III fast patrol boat.

RAMTA is currently working a number of new configurations for the Super Dvora platform, among them a “Littoral Warrior” strike version, equipped with a variety of advanced precision weapons systems. Shaldag Mk-II class Fast Patrol Boat is the latest version of the Shaldag, designed by Israel Shipyards, which is already in service in Sri-Lanka. The boat is constructed of marine aluminum structure, 24.80 m. In the Israel Navy configuration, the living quarters were moved below deck, and locating the open bridge aft to the command center. This configuration reduces the silhouette of the vessel, thus improving its survivability in close encounters. Designed for very high accelerations, the boat can reach its top speed of 45–50 knots in one minute. Maneuverability is also impressive, performing full 360 degree turn at maximum speed, it in a 100 yard diameter. The boat is designed for low draft, for operation in coastal area, estuaries and rivers, where shallow water, natural and man made obstacles such as fishing nets, floating ropes and vegetation restrict operations of patrol boats propelled with articulated drives. The Shaldag Mk II is powered by two Deutz/MWM TBO 604 BV16 diesels or MTU 12V 396 TE diesels powering Ka Me Wa water-jets. It’s main armament is the Typhoon stabilized gun station, mounting a 30 mm gun, controlled from the wheelhouse. An additional 20 mm gun is located at the aft, and two additional 0.5mm machine guns are mounted on pedestals.

Shaldag Mk II Fast Patrol Boat

September 2006: The Israeli Navy (IN) ordered seven new Fast Patrol Boats from IAI/Ramta and Israel Shipyards, to replace its obsolete Dvora and Dabur FPBs. The new order includes Super Dvora Mk III and Shaldag II FPBs, types which are scheduled to become operational within the next two years. Both types are operational with the IN since 2003.

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