Spain Approves €324 million SPIKE LR Missile Acquisition


Spain will acquire 260 SPIKE-LR anti-tank missiles systems under a €324 million program recently approved by the Spanish Government. The program will cover the delivery of 260 launchers, 2,600 missiles and integrated logistic support. The new fiber-optically guided missiles offering unique “fire and forget” or “fire and update” capabilities will replace outdated Milan and Dragon missiles currently in service. Deliveries are expected to start in 2008. The prime contractor for the program will be supplied the General Dynamics-Santa Barbara Sistemas, with the Israeli missile manufacturer RAFAEL acting as subcontractor. RAFAEL granted 60% national content for the Spanish delivered missiles. The Spanish firm Tecnobit will manufacture the launchers. RAFAEL also agreed to cooperate with its Spanish partners on future production of Spike, if such missiles are selected by Latin American armies or Portugal.