The Netherlands issued procurement contracts for its long awaited Ground Based Air Defense system. The work will be shared by three companies, including EADS Defence and Communications Systems, Kongsberg Aerospace & Defence from Norway and Swiss company Orlikon.

The air defense system will consist of six Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System (NASAM), the missiles will be delivered in 2009 by Defence & Aerospace, under a contract valued at 345 million Norwegian Krones (US$54.6 million). EADS Defence and Communications Systems (DCS) will provide the battle management command, control, communication, computers & information (BMC4I) system, to be integrated as part of the Netherlands Future Ground Based Air Defense (FGBAD NL). The main sensors of the BMC4I are two TRML-3D mobile surveillance radars. Mobile command and control operation centers, a digital radio communication network from Oerlikon.

All components of the FGBAD NL will be networked in a secure wireless local-area network (LAN), enabling the exchange of information between the radar units and the command vehicle and weapon systems in real-time, distributing an integrated air situation display through all elements. As part of the initial phase of the FGBAD NL, EADS supplied three additional TRML-3D mobile surveillance radars and mobile command and control operation shelters.

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