Slovenia Orders AMV, SP Mortars from Patria


Patria AMV 8×8 armed with a single barrel NEMO mortar

This 8x8 AMV demonstrates the integration of an overhead remotely controlled 30mm weapon station from Elbit Systems.

The Slovenian Ministry of Defence has today signed agreements with Rotis and Patria covering the procurement of 135 Patria AMV 8×8 armored vehicles as well as Patria Nemo 120 mm single-barrel mortars to the Slovenian Army. The total value of the program is about € 278 million. The vehicles are expected to be equipped with remotely controlled weapon station mounting a medium caliber gun (30.35mm) but no details have yet been released about the maker or type of system preferred. In other recent NATO programs which involved similar vehicles, Portugal and the Czech Republic selected an RCWS system for 8×8 Pandur II while while Poland preferred to go with a manned turret for the AMV.

The vehicles will initially be manufactured in Finland. Production will gradually be transferred to Slovenia in 2007 and 2008. Slovenia already has an established production line of wheeled armored vehicles, supporting the production of Valuk (locally made Pandur 6×6 vehicles) for the Slovenian armed forces.

Together with Patria and Rotis, Gorenje will also be involved in the production. According to Mr Jorma Wiitakorpi, CEO and President of Patria, the company offset agreements will bring great benefits to the Slovenian economy as a whole. The Slovenian industry will share of 30% of the program’s value. For the remaining 70%, an offset will be offered.