Nemo Mobile Mortar System


NEMO, a single barrel self propelled smoothbore 120mm mortar system, developed by Patria is augmenting the twin-barrel AMOS system currently in service. NEMO uses an unmanned turret suitable for most current wheeled APCs as well as lightweight, high speed vessels. Weighing 1.5 ton, The system offers high accuracy and can be operated autonomously, without complex fire preparations. NEMO can fire a first round within 30 seconds from vehicle stop and could immediately exit from firing position after the last shot, minimizing the risk of enemy counter-fire. The mortar can be aimed for indirect or direct fire, and, by employing MRSI fire, can engage a target with six bombs simultaneously. Precision fire will also be realized in the future, with new precision guided mortar munitions (PGMM) Patria is developing for its 120mm mortars. the turret is designed with advanced signature management techniques and armor protection.