Israel is interested in integrating its into its missile defense program with deployable U.S.missile defenses, such as the ground based THAAD and naval AEGIS SM-3 systems. Such integration will enable full interoperability between Israeli made Arrow, and U.S. Patriot missiles and the new missile interceptors developed for the US Missile Defense Agency, to enhance defenses against potential nuclear attack from Iran, if and when this country acquires nuclear capability for its long range missiles.

Israeli Patriot and Arrow missile interceptors are already linked with U.S. missile defense systems, such as the AEGIS cruisers and other early warning assets. Israel is seeking to extend these links to full interoperability with the new systems developed in the U.S., to support future deployments of such systems in the region.

Israel and the USA are also cooperating on the development of smaller interceptors, to be used against short range missiles and medium to lng range rockets.

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