Elbit Systems introduced its latest electronic countermeasure IED jammer designed to combat Remotely-Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED). The new IED Jammer (IEDJ) represents Elbit Systems’ latest generation system, earlier countermeasures developed by Elbit and its subsidiaries have been combat proven in different war zones worldwide. The new vehicle-mounted system is designed as a modular, programmable multi-band radio-frequency jammer which denies enemy use of selected portions of the RF spectrum in the system’s vicinity.

Unlike earlier generation devices using broadband ‘barrage’ to block entire wavelengths associated with suspected RCIED triggering devices (which usually cover most of the frequencies used by radio communications and cellular phones), Elbit’s IEDJ uses specific waveforms, rather than barrage jamming. Barrage can be programmed into the hardware, where required. The system can transmit on all bands simultaneously, effectively countering a wide range of potential threats.

The IEDJ consists of multiple programmable RF modules housed in a single, sealed cabinet served by a common power supply. The system operates automatically, based on pre-mission programming distributed to multiple devices by pre-loaders or individually through a laptop PC. On a mission, the jammer can operate automatically controlled by the vehicle’s commander or driver, through a remote control unit. The jammer is designed as an ‘open’ waveform generator, enabling rapid updating and adaptation to evolving threats, uploading new “waveform” software using standard laptop PC and the system’s software. The jammer operates automatically, with full synchronization with other on-board systems such as C4ISR and networking equipment. Programming is performed either for several systems or individually, using a laptop PC loaded with the system’s programming application.

The system’s modules were designed to provide frequency overlap between some channels, offering system redundancy and the capability to focus more RF power on a particular threat. Each of the RF bands has a separate, independent exciter and waveform generator, so the jammer can be operated band-by-band. Each band has the capability to output 100 watts (50dBm) average and the output power is controllable. The special design of the exciter enables a very “clean” waveform to be transmitted. This feature ensures the capability to maintain communications with a vehicle carrying a full power operating jammer on-board protecting the troops.
Another member of the Elbit Systems Group, Elisra, has recently developed a portable jammer which is deployed in a “suitcase” and can be either hand-held or vehicle-mounted. The innovative, sophisticated Elisra solution utilizes battle-proven electronic jamming superiority to block remote activation of IEDs via RF frequency and other communication means – radio, cellular phone, satellite and remote control devices.

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