SOCOM Launches Silent Knight Airborne Radar Development


The U.S. Special Operations Command has awarded Raytheon Company (NYSE:RTN) a $135.4 million contract to develop a new tactical radar for rotary and fixed-wing aircraft. The radar, called Silent Knight will be initially integrated in the service’s new MH-47G helicopter, serving as a common multi-mode terrain following/terrain avoidance radar, allowing airborne forces safe low-level flight and safe ingress and egress in adverse environments.

The current phase will be funded by cost plus incentive fee contract with potential value of US$164 million, which will include six production units. Future contracts will fund additional procurement for more MH-47Gs, MH-60M, MC-130H, and CV-22 block 30 aircraft. Raytheon’s team for the program includes AIC, Crestview, Fla.; DRS Technologies, St. Louis, Mo.; and Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.