American Dynamics Unveils AD-150 for Tier III


At AUVSI07 American Dynamics unveiled its plans for the development of an evolved tactical version of BattleHog 100x vertical take-off and landing unmanned air vehicle. The company considers its future vehicle designated AD-150 as a potential contender for future US Navy and Marine Corps requirements beyond Tier II.

The maritime capable high speed UAV will use two high torque aerial lift (HTAL) ducted fans mounted on the wingtips, providing vertical lift and directional control driven by a turboshaft engine.

The mockup displayed at AUVSI features a highly streamlined fuselage with low observable features, including internal weapons and payload bays and overhead intake for the engine. However, to maintain effective low observable signature, the HTAL fans will have to be designed with non reflective materials. The vehicle will also have external loads carrying capability. The AD-150 will be based on an all-composite 4.4 meter long fuselage and 5.3m’ span wing. It is designed for maximum speed of 300 kts, and maximum takeoff weigh of 2,250 pounds.