DRS’s Driver’s Vision Enhancer (DVE) B-kit provides combat and tactical-wheeled vehicle operators with the capability to conduct day/night operations or maneuver in severely degraded visual conditions caused by smoke, fog, dust or other battlefield obscurants.

The DVE provides situational awareness, vehicle tracking, support elements for the combat force, and enhances the driver’s ability to detect targets, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) or ambushes located at the roadsides.

The DVE B-kit System is comprised of two Line Replaceable Units (LRUs): the Sensor Module (SM) with the integral Uncooled Mini-Microbolometer module and the Display and Control Module (DCM). The system can be fitted into the vision block of various combat vehicles or mounted externally on the vehicle to maximize the viewing area.

Dec 18, 2006: DRS will supply the U.S. Army with Driver Vision Enhancer (DVE) systems, which will be mounted on Army combat vehicles. Two divisions of DRS will provide the hardware for the program. Training & Control Systems will provide the installation kits (A-Kits) under an initial U.S. $10 million funding. DRS Sensors & Targeting Systems will provide the EO hardware (B-Kit) for the vehicles. Over the next four years the total order could mount to U.S. $145 million.

On January 11, 2007 DRS received another contract worth $60 million, for the supply of additional DVE systems. To date, the company have been awarded DVE contracts valued at $124 million. The first production deliveries occurred in 2004 and are scheduled to continue through July 2008.

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