FLY-K – Lightweight Indirect Fire Weapon System


FLY-K weapon system is a lightweight 52mm indirect fire weapon system designed to fire 52mm mortar bombs from a quiet, low-signature launcher, at distances up to 800 meters. The multiple-launcher system can be used as a squad-support weapon, on mounted platforms or in dismounted and portable configuration.

Designed to support Special Operation Forces, FLY-K uses a closed combustion chamber to capture all propulsion gases, thus eliminating flash, smoke or heat emissions and produces low acoustic and visual signature (52dB at 100 meters). The FLY-K will not reveal its firing position, even at night. FLY-K can be launched from a hand-held single launcher or a 12 bomb launcher pack. A single HE round weighing 650 – 805 grams has a lethal radius of 16 meters, while a salvo of 12 rounds effectively covers an area 50 meters by 100 meters at maximum range. An FLY-K launcher with 20 rounds weighs less than 20 kg. The hand launcher weighs 4.5 kg, has a range of 750 meters and can fire up to 30 rounds per minute.