Thales, BAE Systems to Pursue Battlefield Combat ID Opportunities


BAE Systems and Thales have formed a teaming arrangement to provide combat identification technologies for ground vehicles. Such capabilities are pursued by NATO forces as well as the US Army and Marine Corps. The U.S. Army is expected to seek proposals later this year.

The team plans to offer the battlefield target identification (BTID) device that combines a millimeter-wave CID technology developed by Thales. BAE Systems will provide vehicle and network integration services, based on its extensive experience with the US Army. Direct fire elements equipped with the BTID will be fitted with combined interrogators and transponders, while non firing elements will receive transponder-only devices. BTID will be employed prior to firing a direct-fire weapon. The interrogator can “ask” platforms within its field of view to identify themselves, with the transponders replying to identify vehicles as friendly. The system will use digital data link technology that allows real-time position information to be transferred to other platforms and small units, including dismounted forces, and to be seen in the tactical situational awareness picture. / C4ISR, Armor, FCS.