SpyRobot & Micro SpyRobot UGVs from Macroswiss


UGVs at DSEi 07: The Swiss based company MarcoSwiss unveiled at DSEi 07 the latest and smallest member of the SpyRobot 4WD family of unmanned Ground Vehicles. Like its bigger brothers, the new Micro Spyrobot 4WDcan be operated by a single person, be thrown through a window, up to or from a second floor, and provide real-time imagery from interiors which could pose a risk to the forces.

Measuring only 20cm x 20cm, the robot weighs about one kilogram, carrying two high resolution day/night electro-optical cameras and communications gear. The vehicle uses a special traction mechanism, comprising the ‘flapper wheel’ design, contributing to high speed road, off-road and swimming mobility and effective obstacle negotiation. The robot can climb 45 degree slopes characteristic with rough and rugged terrain. The Micro SpyRobot 4WD can be carried with standard modular load carrying equipment (MOLLE) and is suitable for operation by dismounted troops and special forces. The larger (5 kg) SpyRobot 4WD UGV is suitable for operations associated with base vehicle support.

The SpyRobot is powered by rechargeable lithium polymer batteries sustaining up to eight hours of continuous movement. Sofar MacroSwiss sold the SpyRobot 4WD to customers in the UK, US, Norway and Germany. India, Canada and Singapore expressed interest in the system. The Micro SpyRobot 4WD is also raising significant interest. According to MacroSwiss, the British MoD has acquired the first micro SpyRobot 4WD while the US DoD has down selected it as one of two candidates for evaluation to fulfill a large requirement to equip the 1st Special Forces Group.

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