Cheetah Mine Protected Utility Vehicle (MUV/R)


Cheetah, formerly known as MUV/R is a 4×4 light armored protected vehicle designed for reconnaissance, forward command and control, and urban operations. The vehicle uses monocoque V shaped hull, external lightweight armor, internal spall liners and blast mitigation materials are used to protect the crew and vehicle from explosion of heavy mines under the vehicle or wheels (7.5 – 15 kg of TNT explosives). It also protects against roadside improvised explosive devices (RSIED). The basic vehicle is bulletproof against 7.62/51 cal. Gunfire.

The armor is upgradable to protect against larger caliber, including 0.50 Cal AP. Cheetah has a curb weight, (with basic armor) of 14,000 pounds, allowing for 10,000 pounds of payload. Its weight and dimensions allow for two vehicles to be air-transported inside a single C-130 Hercules. The vehicle is equipped with a Cummins ISB series 300 HP engine running at 2800 rpm, accelerating the vehicle to 50 Mph in 13.5 seconds. At cruising speed of 65 Mph the vehicle can travel for 700 miles without refueling.

Force Protection is developing a Mine-protected Utility Vehicle / Rapid Deployable (MUV-R) as a lighter-weight personnel carrier that incorporates the same protective capabilities as the Cougar. The MUV-R will have speed, climb, and general off-road performance capabilities comparable with the up-armored Humvee. Weighing 10 to 12 tons, the MUV-R will be designed to offer mine and blast protection. The vehicle will also be equipped with a roof-mounted remote controlled weapons station. The vehicle is expected to be ready for field testing by the end of 2006.