Guided Naval Gun Projectiles


Finmeccanica is developing two types of precision guided projectiles for naval guns, the DAVIDE, designed as a high velocity anti-aircraft munition for the Oto-Melara 76mm naval gun while Vulcano is designed for precision land attack missions, for the 127mm gun.

The system utilizes the Driven Ammunition Reduced Time of Flight (DART) concept, with muzzle velocity of 1200 m/sec, the system enables effective interception of aerial and missile targets at ranges beyond 5 km, and up to 35 km, in shore bombardments. Davide is equipped canard control section, enabling the projectile to maneuver at loads of up to 40 gs, It is fitted with a high explosive warhead, encased inside a pre-engraved fragmentation case and is activated by a proximity microwave fuze. The system can be used as add-on to existing 76/62 mm naval guns.

76mm High Velocity, Anti-Air Munition DAVIDE
Vulcano Long Range 127mm Projectile

Vulcano represents a new family of Long Range Ammunition for the 127mm naval guns. Its primary role will be in naval fire support for shore bombardments. Vulcano provides range enhancement by increasing muzzle velocity without using rocket assist, thus preserving barrel life. Vulcano will be compatible with 127/54, 127/64and 5″/54 naval guns and 155mm land based artillery. The Vulcano family will include unguided, extended range ammunition (70 km range), with multifunctional programmable proximity fuze, a precision attack, terminally guided version, with an infrared seeker for the engagement of surface naval targets at ranges beyond 70 kilometers, and an autonomous GPS/IMU guided ammunition capable of engaging land based surface targets at a range beyond 100 km, with a precision better than 20meters CEP. for long range, precision land attack missions.