The lightweight Urban Assault Weapon (UAW) was displayed by Qinetiq. The company conducted extensive research evaluating various shoulder launched weapon concepts, designed to provide infantry troops with effective urban engagement capability. Qinetiq designed their UAW concept to be lightweight – less than 17.6 lbs (8 kg) but capable to provide multiple effects from a single munition, defeating bunkers, buildings or light armored vehicles.

The munition is configured around a super-caliber break-in charge and a follow-through blast warhead. The break-in charge has been optimized to perforate brick, block and reinforced concrete walls. The follow-through bomb is lightly encased to maximize the blast effect when detonated, but still survive emplacement through target walls. It will also create a one meter diameter hole through brick and block walls for rapid entry. The projectile has a unique nose probe, erected at firing, to allow the overall weapon length below one meter, whilst maintaining the required stand-off for optimum break-in charge effectiveness. The “plastic” projectile weighing only 3 kg, is built entirely of composite materials. The weapon is designed for employment indoors. The weapon will be effective at ranges of 49 – 984 ft. (15 to 300 meters).

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