Foster-Miller, Inc. (QinetiQ North America subsidiary) introduced at AUSA the Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS), representing the company’s mature concept for operational, weaponized combat robot. MAARS is powerful and agile system designed specifically for the military and first responders. Compared with the company’s current SWORD and TALON robot, MAARS packs a more powerful platform, designed to carry heavier loads including the fully functional Small Caliber UltraLight (SCUL) remote weapon system from Precision Remote, mounting a 7.62 M240B machine gun or a 0.5 Cal Barret high power anti-material sniper rifle.

MAARS Weaponized Robot

MAARS also introduces significantly improved Digital Control Unit offering improved situational awareness, command and control. The controller provides improved weapon control functions, better aneuverability, mobility, lethality and safety.

The complete MAARS system weighs about 350 pounds. The chassis is constructed as a uni-body frame fitted with easier battery and electronics accessibility. Other features include a larger payload bay, higher torque, creating faster ground speeds and improved braking. An EOD MAARS will be equipped with a new manipulator arm having a nominal 100 lb lift capability. The arm can quickly replace the turret mounted M240B weapon, literally transforming from a remote weapons platform to an Improvised Explosive Device (IED).


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