Army Team Soldier Certifies Commercially Available Gear


PEO Soldier unveiled its newly developed certification logo that will eventually be stamped on Army-approved equipment at the manufacturer level. The patented and trademarked logo reads, “Team Soldier Certified Gear” and incorporates the black and gold star from the Army logo, so soldiers and leaders can easily identify equipment that’s meets Army standards. As of now, only a family of flashlights and flame-resistant gloves are marked with the logo, but according to head of PEO Soldier Army Brig. Gen. R. Mark Brown, PEO Soldier will soon have the logo to other manufacturers, including survivability gear, such as body armor and eye protection. Eventually, a list of all products and manufacturers marked with the logo will be compiled, and a list will be readily available for units and their soldiers, so they can purchase equipment with confidence that’s it’s approved by the highest standards, Brown concluded.

One of the first products receiving the Army’s new logo is the range of tactical flashlights from Streamlight , available online through the Amazon network.

The TL-2 and Scorpion® series flashlights are far more powerful and lightweight than typical D-cell flashlights. These super bright and compact personal flashlights are based on advanced C4 LED Technology. The lightweight (5.3 oz. /150 gr. including batteries) Scorpion is the perfect solution for a wide range of professional tasks that require extreme brightness, while benefiting from exceptionally long run times. TL-2 is more compact, weighing 4.7oz /129 gr.) and measuring 0.9″ diameter, 5.25″.

Streamlight’s C4 LED powered Scorpion emits a brighter, more powerful, blinding light than any LED that’s come before (47 lumens typical emission). An even more powerful flashlight from Streamlight is the TL-2 C4 LED model high performance tactical flashlight, emitting 7,500 peak beam candlepower and up to 120 Lumens measured system output.

Running for Hours on Lithium Power

The Scorpion will run for up to 100 minutes of fully regulated maximum intensity and for 120 minutes emitting declining but usable light, running on two 3 volt high capacity lithium cells. TL-2 will run for 210 minutes to the 10% output level. Streamlight recommends the use of high capacity lithium batteries no. from Streamlight, Panasonic or Duracell 123 for these products.

High Power Xenon Mini-Flashlights

For uses requiring even more light power, Xenon versions of Scorpion and TL-2 are available. The Scorpion Xenon version generates up to 7,900 candlepower (78 lumens measured system output) for up to 1.3 hours continuously, powered by two 3V lithium cells while the TL-2 Xenon version emits 100 lumen for one hour. These flashlights use focus adjustment from spot to flood.

C4 LED Technology

The reflector is specially designed to match the C4 Photonic Crystal technology to almost triple the brightness and creates an intense beam that pierces the darkness. This unique C4 LED is produced by advanced manufacturing techniques developed for the microchip industry called “Controlled Collapse Chip Connection” (C4). These powerful mini flashlights come with a rubberized grip, tailcap switch and anti-roll head. Its case material is made of machined aluminum, covered by a rubber-armored sleeve for a sure grip.