Elbit Systems Land and C4I – Tadiran is introducing two new radio systems at Eurosatory 2008, the company will unveil its future Software Defined Radio design, dubbed SDR-7200 and the latest family of high frequency (HF) radios, called THF-8000. The SDR-7200 is undergoing development for the Israel Defense Forces for the past two years. Early versions of this software defined radio are currently operational with the IDF and now being offered to overseas customers.

The new radio SDR-7200 can transfer voice and data simultaneously on a single tactical channel of (25 Kbps) therefore maintaining backward compatibility with current combat net radios, while addressing the diverse needs of both tactical and strategic echelons. The new radio employs TDMA technology for more efficient use of communications channels, utilizing this method, SDR-7200supports data transfer rates up to 115.2 kbps, facilitating live video transmission over the tactical net, when required.

For higher bandwidth requirements the SDR-7200 supports data communication of several Mbps, utiizing multiple bands, supported by strong error correction algorithms and self-healing ad hoc networking. Additionally the algorithm ensures no single point of failure across the network. Additionally a single radio is capable of working on more than one network simultaneously, thus reducing the number of radios required in vehicles and enabling reduction in both weight and volumetric space. Remote IP interface means the radio can be optimally located inside the vehicle, aircraft or surface vessel, as it only needs to be accessible for routine maintenance.

The THF-800 is also unveiled here. These radios are offered in man pack configuration (PRC) and Vehicular Configuration (VRC).


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