Hatehof Unveils the Xtream High Mobility Armored Vehicle


Hatehof, a specialist vehicle designer and manufacturer from Israel is introducing a range of highly protected vehicles at Eurosatory. The company is already producing the latest wheeled armored vehicle operated by the Israel Defense Forces – the 8.6 ton Wolf, under cooperation with Rafael. The heavy version of the Xtream is powered by a Cummins ISBE 275 turbo diesel engine coupled to an Allison 3000 automatic transmission and Axeltech transfer case. high mobility all terrain vehicle, capable of fording 1.1 meters of water, negotiating 36° side slopes and 60% gradient.

It is designed to carry 8 soldiers. It comes in a 9 or 16 ton configurations, the heavier is protected to STANAG 3, 4 and anti-RPG protection levels. Xtream is equipped with front and rear steering, offering a turning radius of only 6.4 meters, uncommon for vehicles of this weight class. The vehicle weighs 11,300 kg designed to provide protection level of STANAG 3. Adding 2.5 tons more, the Xtream can be protected with reactive tiles, against RPGs, and still carry over two tons of useful payload. Xtream is provided in medium and ‘light’, air mobile and semi-amphibious vehicles. The lighter version weighs 9200 kg (GVW), and carries a payload of 2,750 kg. Its protection level is lower, but mobility is improved, particularly turning radius (5.1 meters with front and aft steering activated) and 38° side slope negotiation capability. It is powered by a Cummins 6.7 liter diesel coupled to a 6 gear automatic transmission and Magna power train.

The new vehicle family was designed to meet specific requirements for highly protected high mobility vehicle. The heaviest design is the Navigator, a highly protected troop transporter capable of carrying a complete marine squad (up to 15 combatants in rows or 12 soldiers seated face to face, plus a crew of three seated in front), offering high off-road mobility and urban maneuverability. At a gross vehicle weight of 16 tons, Navigator is designed to carry up to four tons. The vehicle is powered by Cummins 275 or 350 engines. A highly protected mid-size vehicle from Hatechof is the Typhoon 4×4 vehicle, a 14 ton 13 man troop carrier designed with a modular armor to meet different threat levels. The vehicle is designed with V shaped hull. It uses a Steyr Austria WD 615.56 engine.