EADS Defence & Security (DS) will equip the German Armed Forces’ CH-53GA transport helicopters with the networked logistical and operational support system, enabling an integrated mission of planning and logistical support. A similar capability has already been provided by the company in support of German Tiger attack helicopter and NH-90 medium lift helicopters. The current Eur 10 million order will be fulfilled by EADS Defense Systems, which acts as a as a subcontractor of Eurocopter Deutschland for the upgrading of German CH-53Gs with new self-defense and avionics systems.

The system will integrate data feeds form different sources facilitating more accurate and timely mission preparation and contingency planning. The system dubbed EUA improves operational efficiency, particularly in contingencies overseas, where helicopter squadrons are deployed in remote areas where they are required to be self sustained over longer periods of operation. “On operations abroad it is especially important to prepare operations in the best possible way and also to continually monitor all tactical and logistical aspects in order not only to protect the helicopters and their crews, but also to ensure successful completion of their missions.” explains Bernd Wenzler, CEO of Defence Electronics.

As part of the CH-53 G product improvement, the operations support system will be adapted to the requirements and interfaces of the new model, to focus on flight performance, flight plan creation and mission management, supporting both civil and military flight phases. The system will also support on-board EW and self defense systems with necessary updates. Logistical data will be interchanged with the German Armed Forces’ logistics system (LogInfoSys Bw SASPF) as well as the command & control and technical information systems. Mission specific data will be uploaded on the EuroGrid tactical mission computer for use on board the aircraft. This upgrade also calls for the replacement of the DKG3 digital map generator, by the modernized EuroGrid version (both produced by EADS).

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