Sky-Y / Molynx MALE UAV


Sky Y is designed as a sub-sized MALE platform. With a wingspan of 9.9 meters, and length of 9.7 meters, the platform has a takeoff weight of 1200 kg (empty weight is about 850 kg). It will carry a mission payload of 150 kg and 200 kg of fuel. Total power available on board will be 200 hp. Sky Y will have a cruising altitude of 25,000 ft and mission endurance of 14 hours on missions ranging 500 nautical miles at cruising speed of 140 knots.

The new demonstrator will test new platform fabrication techniques, verifying airworthiness of structures made completely with carbon-fibre materials and the testing of the diesel propulsion systems, derived from ‘green’ automotive diesels. The aircraft will also test several systems developed within the Finmeccanica group, including new flight control systems developed by Alenia’s subsidiary Quadrics, surveillance payloads and missions equipment for land surveillance and data-links from Selex Communications and electro-optical payloads from Galileo Avionica.

These technologies are targeted for use with Alenia’s future MALE platform known as the dual-engine Molynx MALE UAV. Molynx, a new air vehicle under development at Alenia Aeronautica, is designed specifically for land surveillance and civil protection roles. Another MALE platform, also under development at Alenia, is aimed at military applications.