The U.S. Army is increasing the number of 8×8 Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT) it is ordering from Oshkosh, adding $321 million to a contract awarded in early February 2008. The contract modification is funding a total production lot of 1,745 HEMTT A4 heavy trucks. Following that award, by October 2008 TACOM launched a three-year contract for the procurement of over 6,000 FHTM vehicles worth over $1.2 billion. HEMTT entered service in 1985. Currently the product-improved HEMTT A2s is in production, with A4 upgrades taking effect in July this year. The most recent improvements to the HEMTT A2 are a fully air conditioned cab and cab structural changes that makes installation of add-on-armor in the field quicker and easier. HEMTT is providing the baseline for the U.S. Army ‘Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles’ (FHTV). With payload capacity of 13-ton and off-road capabilities, HEMTT makes the backbone of the U.S. Army’s logistics fleet.

A2 is the HEMTT version currently in production. According to the production plans, the more powerful, better protected A4 (insert) will enter production in July 2008. (Photos: Oshkosh)

HEMTT A4 is powered by a 500-HP Caterpillar C-15 engine. This engine provides 55hp more than the original engine used in the HEMTT. The engine is coupled with an Allison 4500 SP/5-speed automatic transmission, rated for 600hp. This powertrain offers a 1750-lb. torque, gross input, and handles more power and torque for the engine upgrade without changing gear ratios. Survivability and self-protection features are introduced with the standard version. The vehicle is provided with basic armor protection including an Integrated under cab protection, making part of the A-kit, and attachments for add-on B-kit armor, complying with the Army’s Long Term Armor Strategy. The vehicle is also fitted with an integrated mounting for a protected gunner position (GPK) and machine-gun mount on the cab roof. HEMTT A4 will be produced in several models, including the M997A4 cargo truck, the M-978A4 fuel servicing truck (tanker), the M1120A4 load handling system variant, M-982 A4 and M-983 A4 tractors, and M-984 A4 recovery truck fitted with cranes and winches.

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