Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will release the Recce-U, persistent, unmanned, surveillance and reconnaissance system at the Paris Air Show next week.

Recce-U is a self-contained, multi-sensor ISR system for the UAV platform, based on the RecceLite tactical reconnaissance pod for combat aircraft. Recce-U simultaneously collects high-resolution infrared and visual digital images, day and night, within a very wide field of regard, in accordance with an automatic mission plan and/or manual operation, and transmits the images, which are then viewed and interpreted in real time at the ground exploitation station. The Recce-U system comprises a persistent ISR payload, Ground Data Link Station (GDLS) and Ground Exploitation Station (GES).

The Reccu-U system is revolutionary in that the inertial LOS control enables routine scanning of extremely wide areas irrespective of the UAVs maneuvers and facilitates IED detection as well.

David Stemer, Corporate Vice President, General Manager Missiles & NCW Division, says that “Rafael is proud of its new addition to its electro-optic systems together with the outstanding capabilities of the Recce-U system strengthen the premise that Rafael is indeed a world leader in electro-optic and image processing systems.”


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